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We are a recruitment services provider, based in Bengaluru. We help you hire the right talent for your requirements. As the backbone of our company we have a highly efficient, process-driven team that takes meticulous efforts in getting the requirements right and delivering to it. We have worked with clients majorly from the technology space and with start-ups, but have done considerable work with the non- tech organisations as well. Our values, process and experience in building teams have earned us high credibility among our clients.

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We listen

We take diligent efforts to understand the client’s requirements

We communicate

We pride ourselves on our clear communication with our stakeholders from start to finish

We assess

We put our candidates through an in-depth fitment analysis before we recommend them to the client

We are process-driven

We adhere to a streamlined process, always striving to achieve the desired results

Our Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We work closely with our clients to provide exclusive hiring plans to fulfill their requirements.

Recruitment Consulting

We assist in designing job descriptions, putting recruitment processes in place, setting up interviews and more.

In-House Recruiter

We deploy our team member to work on site and assist in the recruitment process

Campus Hiring

We provide complete campus hiring solutions right from pre-hiring planning, selection to on-boarding assistance

Our Team


Sumanth Nagaraja


With over a decade's experience in the recruitment industry, Sumanth has grown from being a recruiter to building a recruitment company of his own. Backed by an engineering degree and having done an executive programme in Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, he has created a niche space for Billow in the recruitment space. When he is not at his desk working, he is experiencing India, riding on his motorcycle. His unquenchable enthusiasm for motorcycling has taken him on adventurous quests across India. From Leh to Kanyakumari, Jaisalmer to Kohima, his motorcycling odysseys are an integral part of who he is.


Leo Anto

Co-founder and Talent Advisor

Leo comes with a rich hiring experience in the technology space. He specializes in Lateral and Leadership hiring for Startups. He works closely with his hiring community which cuts across VCs, Founders and Business Heads. He has special interest in latest technology trends and HRTech. Leo loves reading, traveling and practicing Yoga.


Vidya Mathews

Talent Advisor.

A computer science graduate, Vidya is passionate about the latest technology trends in the market. She is adept at building good rapport with the candidates. She completes the recruitment puzzle by finding the right connection between candidate, technology and company with this innate communication capability of hers. She is an ardent Bharatanatyam dancer with many recitals to her credit.


Sirisa Anand

Talent Advisor.

A person who is positive about every aspect of life, Sirisa is committed to learning and self-development. She is always energetic and eager to learn new skills. She has substantial experience in the recruitment space. Sirisa loves playing badminton and reading books.


Siby Kuttimon

Talent Advisor

Siby comes with over 10 years of experience in consulting, real estate and travel. As a recruiter, Siby works on Product Management, Sales, GTM & Digital Marketing. He is an opportunist when it comes to learning and working on people analytics and employer branding. He loves to read and has travelled to over 25 countries.


Navneeta Sudhakar

Talent Advisor.

Navneeta, an alumni of Christ and St. Joseph, believes in transparent and real time recruitment. Honest and open communication helps her build genuine connections with candidates and clients alike. Outside of work, she's an avid bibliophile and cinephile, and extremely particular about her morning coffee!


Swati Singh

Talent Advisor

A recruiter by day and mother by night, Swati is a Tamilian living in the Himalayas. A Journalism degree explains her chatty & curious nature fit for the recruitment industry. Her professional career took her from Delhi to Dubai, Oman, Vietnam & Sri Lanka. She pitches her tent in Himachal these days and finds solace in nature, slowness of life and Kathakali, which has always been an important & artistic part of her life.


“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies”

Lawrence Bossidy


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