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Permanent Hiring

The environment today for recruitment is quite complex. Navigating through a tight labour market to find the right talent is a challenge. We alleviate this challenge with our decade-long experience in this field. We have not only filled individual positions but have also built entire teams for our clients. Our recruitment process includes the following step-by-step actions:

  • Detailed client analysis
  • In-depth understanding of the requirements
  • Talent acquisition planning and drafting job descriptions
  • Job advertising and promotion on the best platforms
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening candidates and carrying out assessments
  • Shortlisting candidates and doing thorough background checks
  • Detailed communication with the candidates about the job description and expectations
  • Organising and coordinating interviews of the candidates with the client company
  • Constant communication and guidance until the selected candidates start their jobs

Recruitment Consulting

  • Job description assistance
  • An effective job description is key to hiring the right talent. It clearly states the role, responsibilities and core competencies required for fulfilling a position. We assist clients in drafting a comprehensive and effective job description, that ensures attracting the right candidates for the right job.

  • Human resource advisory
  • Recruitment is one of the primary and integral functions of any organization. With our rich experience in recruitment, we not only assist companies in drafting job descriptions but also recommend the type of candidates to be recruited for each role.

  • Salary survey
  • Salary surveys are tools to ascertain the average compensation paid to employees for one or more job titles. They are time-sensitive and can become outdated very quickly. We carry out salary surveys for our clients to arrive at the right compensation for the job description given.

  • Attrition updates
  • With constantly changing job markets and increased opportunities, attrition rates are affected drastically. We provide attrition updates to our clients to keep them abreast on the reasons why employees are leaving, in order to devise effective retention strategies.

  • Talent Mapping
  • Talent mapping provides a blueprint for future talent needs and is also a tool to measure the competency of the current employees of a company. It is a thorough process that requires experience and expertise. We have a decade of experience in helping early-stage start-ups understand the talent landscape and have helped them take the right decisions.

In-House Recruiter

Companies sometimes have a surge in hiring and may need extra support to meet these hiring requirements. Or they may need an experienced recruiter to work alongside them for a short period of time to fill-in a few positions.
We offer in-house recruiter services, where we deploy one of our team members to the client company for a short span of time, until the requirements are fulfilled.
This service provides for clients to flex and scale the requirements as per changing demands. Clients can avail the help of our in-house recruiters as long as they need.

Campus Hiring

Campus recruitment is a highly competitive domain with the ever growing need of companies' requirement of young talent. It is a long and tedious process that involves a detailed pre-hiring strategy and planning, assessment and careful selection of candidates and post-hiring process.

Although it is tedious, campus hiring is highly beneficial for companies as it:

  • gives access to a huge pool of talent
  • saves time and effort
  • provides opportunities to hire the best candidates who are updated with the latest knowledge and skills
  • offers better selection and retention ratio

We help you traverse this process to find the right campus for your requirements and to hire the right candidates with high potential and enthusiasm. We offer end-to-end campus recruitment services starting from

  • chalking out the client’s requirements and job description
  • shortlisting best campuses
  • building rapport with the placement cells
  • carrying out the assessments and interviews
  • selecting the right candidates
  • assisting with the on-boarding
  • helping with the post-hiring process

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